Endorsement Policy




 [Adopted 2004; Revised 2006; Revised 2008; Revised 2012;

Revised 2016]



The Deputy District Attorneys Association (hereinafter DDAA) and their political action committee, San Diegans Against Crime (hereinafter SDAC) shall participate in the electoral process in a proactive manner through political endorsements in order to ensure that our members’ safety, security, and working conditions are protected.  A further purpose of the endorsement policy is to ensure consistency and maintain cohesion in procedure and policy between DDAA and SDAC Boards in regard to endorsements.



SECTION 1.  ENDORSEMENT COMMITTEE:  The DDAA and SDAC may have a standing Endorsement Committee, appointed by the President of each respective Board.   The Endorsement Committee shall be comprised of at least one member of the DDAA Board of Directors and one member of the SDAC Board of Directors, and such other members as necessary.  Any director of either the DDAA or SDAC may participate on the Endorsement Committee.  Any member of the Endorsement Committee must be a dues paying member of both the DDAA and SDAC.

SECTION 2.   DUTIES:   The Endorsement Committee shall work with our political consultant to consider requests for endorsements.   The Endorsement Committee may conduct candidate and issue research and make recommendations to the DDAA and SDAC Boards.   The Endorsement Committee may draft a candidate questionnaire for use for endorsement requests.   If a candidate questionnaire is used, a candidate shall complete and return the candidate questionnaire in order to be considered for an endorsement.



SECTION 1.  NOTICE OF REQUESTS:  All requests for endorsement may be made to our political consultant or any member of the Board of Directors of the DDAA and SDAC.    Upon receiving a request for endorsement, the board member shall notify the political consultant and the DDAA and SDAC Presidents within 2 days.  

SECTION 2.  TIMING OF REQUESTS:  Candidates are strongly encouraged to make requests for endorsement more than 60 days before any filing deadline.  Failure to provide 60 days notice for an endorsement may limit the ability of the DDAA or SDAC to make an endorsement.

A.    PRIMARY ELECTIONS:  Requests for endorsement for Primary Elections may be made at any time prior to the close of the nominating or filing period.

B.     GENERAL ELECTIONS:  Requests for endorsement for General Elections may be made at any time after the Primary Election.

 C.    OTHER ELECTIONS:  A request for endorsement for any other election may be made at any time prior to the close of the nominating or filing period.

 SECTION 3.  FULL BOARD REVIEW OF ENDORSEMENT REQUESTS: All endorsement requests in political races require the participation and consideration of both the DDAA and SDAC Boards.   The following sections outline notice to membership, the interview and endorsement decision process.

A.    NOTICE TO MEMBERSHIP:  Request for political endorsements that the boards agree to consider shall appear as an item on the monthly meeting agenda of the DDAA and SDAC Boards.

B.     ENDORSEMENT INTERVIEW:   A candidate interview in a joint meeting of the DDAA and SDAC Boards is required in the following political races:   San Diego County District Attorney; San Diego County Sheriff; San Diego County Board of Supervisors; San Diego City Attorney; San Diego City Council; California Attorney General; Judge of the Superior Court; San Diego Mayor.  Opposing candidates may be invited to also appear.  The meeting will occur at a non-county facility.  Interviews for races not specifically listed may be conducted by either board at their discretion, pursuant to the notice requirements under Article III, section 3, subsection A.

The interview will be scheduled by the DDAA and occur at a non-county facility. Candidate interviews will be open to the membership, but only board members shall question the candidates.

Members of the DDAA and SDAC, may provide comments, questions, and concerns directly to any member of either the DDAA or SDAC Board in advance of the endorsement meeting. Questions presented by the membership to members of either board, submitted in advance, will be given consideration by the Boards. If approved, the questions will be asked by a designated member of either Board or each respective President.

C.    ENDORSEMENT DECISION:   After the joint candidate interview, there will be a joint discussion in executive session of both the DDAA and SDAC Boards about the possible endorsement.   Voting as to the endorsement will occur separately by each Board in executive session.   Any final endorsement decision shall be a joint decision of the DDAA and SDAC Boards.  Thus, candidates must receive the endorsement of both boards to be officially endorsed by the DDAA and SDAC.  If a candidate is not endorsed by either the DDAA or SDAC, then no endorsement will be made by either the DDAA or SDAC in that respective race.  If endorsed, the candidate will be advised in writing on how to correctly refer to the DDAA and/or SDAC.    The result of the endorsement process will be announced to the membership at the earliest opportunity.  

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